Well, what's the game about? A powerful stone has fallen into the hands of a evil villain bent on destroying everything. Ace and Star's mission? Get the stone back into safe hands! The game is so much like old retro NES or SNES games because, well, we love those games. We grew up them and feel in love with them so we wanted to pay tribute to those games. The Forgotten Stone is our little thank you to all the side scrollers!

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The Forgotten Stone!


We tried to make the gameplay as simple as possible. We didn't want anything that was crazy, all we wanted to do was to create something that was fun, like the games we used to play in the 90's growing up. Very simply put, we wanted a game where the player started from the left side and continued on until the player advanced to the next level, just like a fun side scroller/platformer. Everyone at Super Chasm took things from their past when they were growing and added them in. The result? The Forgotten Stone!