Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal Review:

Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal are some of the series best games that were released in 1999, 2000, and 2001 respectively. About three years after the established Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow, could this new Pokémon game live up to its expectations?  Would the game dazzle fan across the world like it did the first one?  What new aspect would be introduced in this game to make it different?  Today, I'd like to review these games and hopefully shed alittle light as to how I feel this game marked after its release.  Hope you enjoy the review!  

Starting out:  (Quick recap of the game)

Starting out in New Bark Town, your Pokémon journey begins as you recently have turned 10 years of age and now are of age to receive our very first Pokemon!  Heading into the lab, we are greeted by Prof. Elm, who tasks us to run an errand by going to Mr. Pokémon's house.  But first we get to choose our very first Pokemon!  You are given the options of Chikorita, the grass type, Totodile, the water type, and Cyndaquil, the fire type.  With Pokémon in hand, we head to Mr. Pokémon's house.  There we learn that he had an egg that he discovered.  We quickly head back to New Bark town, eager to start our adventure when we are stopped by a mysterious red haired kid.  The aggressive child taunts us and battle breaks out.  After defeating him, its time to head back to New Bark Town.  After delivering the egg to Prof. Elm, its finally time to start our Pokémon journey where we will compete across all of the Johto gyms in order to face off in the Pokémon league and become the champion!

Game Design

Game design wise, this game is fantastic.  The graphics of this game are excellent as color vibrant colors have finally been introduced and the sprites are more polished than that of the previous games and yet, it still has the style of the first games; not making it too different.  This was unintentionally are really smart move from Game Freak.  This game still feels classic because of the art style of this game and many Pokémon fans can agree with this. 

New Pokémon Designs:

The new designs of the Pokémon are very clever and thought out.  Just like the first game, no new Pokémon is too complex yet too simple.  Every one is unique and has charm and more than that, they still fit the genre of a Pokémon so nothing is out of the ordinary.  

New Landscape/Town Designs:

The designs of the towns and dungeons are nice because they aren't anything foreign from what we've already seen and yet, they feel new because of all the colors added.  Each town has its own charms and characteristics and yet they all have a familiar feeling which gives the player a sense of comfort, making the towns well designed.  


Gameplay wise, this game stepped up big time.  While the gameplay was enjoyable and exciting in the first games,  they really managed to continue that thread while adding many more exciting new additions.  One new addition to the gameplay is berries and on that note held items.  Held items allowed for Pokémon to hold items, like berries for example.  Then during battle, if their hp got low, they would automatically eat the berries and heal hp.  Another addition was the Poké-gear.  The Poké-gear allowed the trainer to call other previously battled trainers to talk with them.  While it is annoying to get calls from youngster Joey about his top tier Rattata, some of the npcs gave you very helpful items like berries and evolution stones!  Another huge addition was that time was incorporate into the game.  Time allowed for more realism to the game while also introducing a great method of switching variety of Pokémon in the Johto region.  During the day, only specific Pokémon could be found; this worked for the night time as well.  For example, only Pidgey could be found during the day, and Hoothoot could be found at night. 

Its a simple little addition, but the Pokémon moving alittle when in battle was a great first step in giving the Pokémon more life.  It gave them more character and on that subject of giving the Pokémon more character, the addition of shiny Pokémon was introduced!  Shiny Pokémon have a different color than their regular color and are extremely rare.  The chance of finding a shiny Pokémon is a 1 and 8192 chance!  Ironically, the first Spinarak I ever encountered was shiny and I KO'd thinking all of them would be blue!  AHH!

Other great additions were adding genders and the mechanic of breeding Pokémon.  When two Pokémon that were compatible for breeding were placed in the daycare, they could spawn an egg!  This also introduced IV's.  IV's, or "Individual Values", game the Pokémon more variety by allowing every single Pokémon, even of the same family, to have different strengths and weaknesses.  This means that when comparing two caught Pidgey, one could have a higher attack stat and the other a higher hp stat.  

Finally, the last greatest addition was the two new typings in this gen; Steel and Dark types!  These two types were really great additions as dark types were able to counter the all powerful Psychic types and Steels types just made sense just looking at some Pokémon's designs and plus its a new type?  why complain?

Overall, there were many great additions to this game, gameplay wise.  From battle animations, to the new different ways Pokémon could evolve like through held items, or through the new time system, this game was nothing short of new content that made the game feel very new.    

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