Infinite Delta!

Infinite Delta is out now! 

I'm Thomas Tramontana, one of the co-founders of Super Chasm and I'm super excited to talk about this game! First things first, this game has been so much fun to make. After The Forgotten Stone we weren't sure which direction we wanted to go, we considered making a RPG, but after talking it over we kinda realized that we just weren't ready for a game on that scale. So Kev (Our artist and co-founder) suggested we do a space shot em up type game. We really wanted to create something like Darius Twin, a game we played a lot as kids, so I went to work and started coding, making some designs and everything. After making level 2, I kinda realized that the game was turning out a lot like Darius twin or any other shot em up so that's when I started making these weird concepts like a zombie level, ghost level and when I told Jake (another co-founder) we basically came up with going against these weird creatures and oddly themed levels. The more and more we progress, the more and more the levels become creative, which is awesome. I've shared some sprites and levels so I hope you check them at some point.