About Us!

Jake Ottomano (Co-Founder)- If you hear music in any of Super Chasm games, then it's coming from this guy. He's an amazingly talented guy who is only getting better. He made some good tracks for The Forgotten Stone, but his work in Infinite Delta is outstanding. It really is folks, he's really been able to push further than he did on The Forgotten Stone. They're make have been some limitations on his work previously, but for Infinite Delta there are zero and I can't wait hear finished product. Along with producing music and sound, he also helps out with editing and conceptional ideas. Rumor is he may be working on a project himself...

Kevin O'Rourke (Co-Founder)- Art art art and even more art. Kev is our artist and he does an amazing job. He builds all of our tile sets and works on enemies along with editing any other sprites that make it into our games. He also works on editing game play. If you play any of our games there's a 100% chance you've seen his work.

Thomas Tramontana (Co-Founder)- Well, I'm the one writing this right now so pretty much I handle the creating of the game, development and producing. Most of all the tweets you see and read are from me... Sorry... Really, I'm like a Swiss army knife, I handle on some level everything, whether it's helping with sprites, audio and everything else.